Before at 467 lbs!
After losing 250 lbs!

But that's not all. The entire Stella Family lost weight!

Watch Video to learn the Stella Family's amazing story.

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Stickin' With It Stella Style
Stella Style DVD: Volume Two

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Great Tasting Food to help you stick with it!

"Stickin' With It Stella Style" is packed to the brim with brand new recipes not found anywhere else and 90 minutes of special featurettes and bonus videos from Food Network chef George Stella and his wife Rachel to help keep you on track!

Included in this the 2nd volume of Stella Style Home Video you'll find: Brand New Recipes, Grocery Shopping with George, A Visit with a Personal Trainer, & Over 30 more minutes of Special Features!

  Recipes Include:

Wilted Spinach Salad with Walnuts and Apples

Grilled Rosemary Shrimp Skewers with Cucumber Relish

Grilled Chicken Parmesan Casserole

Gingerbread Squares with Lemon Frosting

  Special Features Include:

Grocery Shopping: Stella Style

George Visits a Fitness Trainer

Stocking Your Kitchen

Bonus Recipe Videos
  Product Information:
Starring: George Stella & Rachel Stella
Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only.)
Color, Fullscreen
DVD Release Date: May 5, 2006
Packaging: Color Insert, Plastic Case, Recipes
Total Run Time: approx. 120 minutes

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 About George Stella & Family

It's hard to believe only six years ago, George Stella weighed 467 pounds. He was suffering from congestive heart failure and living on disability when he decided he had to take action. George has lost more than 250 pounds on a low carb lifestyle.
But that's not all, George's wife, Rachel lost 75 pounds herself, eldest son, Anthony also lost 75, and his youngest son, Christian lost 160 lbs!

George Stella is host of Food Network's "Low Carb and Lovin' It"


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