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“Low Carb Lifestyle Personal Chef Coaches”

Celebrity Low Carb Chefs George Stella and Rachel Stella, Food Network stars, now available for 1-on-1 personal telephone, text and email support 7 days a week!

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The Stella Family Lost 560 Pounds Together!

It's hard to believe that not long ago, Celebrity Chef George Stella weighed 467 pounds. He was suffering from congestive heart failure and living on disability when he decided he had to take action. George has lost more than 250 pounds by changing the way he looks at food. 

But that's not all, George's wife, Rachel lost 75 pounds herself, eldest son, Anthony also lost 75, and his youngest son, Christian has lost 160 lbs!
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Stella Style is all about leaving your bad eating habits behind for good. It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle. With food this good though, you'll never want to go back! Remember, FRESH IS BEST! Always Shop the Outside Aisles of your Grocery Store! That's where you'll find the great, naturally low carb foods without any of the processed white sugars, flours, and starches that nobody needs on any diet!

Let us be Your : Low Carb Lifestyle Personal Chef Coaches

National Celebrity Low Carb Chefs and authors George and Rachel Stella’s personal coaching and mentoring style is inspirational and motivational and always non-judgmental. “It’s all about the food”; with Family, Friends, and Fun mixed in! Together they will use their first hand experience from over a decade of living low carb to support select friends personally and help guide them daily toward their healthy low carb lifestyle goals!

The beauty of the framework of a coaching relationship is this: people can take stock of where they are, figure out where they want to go, and decide what steps to take to get there. Outcomes differ, but often result in people shifting to improve their current situation.

People that will benefit the most are ready to take action in their lives, and are dedicated to envisioning a great future. They are intentional about change, and are committed to setting clear goals, then taking the steps toward achieving those goals.


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Whether you’re out grocery shopping and not sure if an ingredient is truly low carb, need help with a recipe, or just need a suggestion for dinner, snacks or dessert; George and Rachel are available to you personally by Telephone, Text or Email 7 days a week! Or possibly you just need some empowering words of encouragement—we can provide that too!

Whether you are evaluating life choices or simply feel ready for a personal breakthrough, George and Rachel are ready to be your Personal Low Carb Chef Coaches to offer you an invaluable tool on your way forward.

*Coaching sessions are offered through phone calls, texting and emails only.


FREE Electronic Book Download with all coaching options!

George Stella's family lost over 500 pounds by learning how to prepare nutritious, delicious, healthy foods. In this detailed cookbook, he reveals 100 of the same low-carb recipes that he and his family cook everyday to maintain their healthy weight. From salads and appetizers to main dishes and desserts, you'll love how easy--and delicious--healthy eating can be! From George Stella.

  • George Stella, author

  • 200 pages

  • 50 full-color recipe pages with 100 recipes

Coaching Options

Once paid you will receive an email with your own special telephone number and email address for 1-on-1 personal attention from George and Rachel! You can call, email, or text us from 8am – 6pm EST 7 days a week at your convenience—it’s that simple!

RATES (Payment is due at the start of each month. Minutes are not transferable or carried over.)

Standard Hourly Rate (Telephone, Text or Email answered same day from 8am -6pm EST)

The standard hourly coaching rate for individuals is $125/hour with 12 telephone calls maximum and may be used for 30 days after payment.

$125.00 per hour-max 12 telephonecalls

Unlimited 30-Day  Package -Telephone, Text and Email!

Get up to Four Hours per month Telephone access (48 calls maximum) + UNLIMITED E-mail coaching/mentoring support when you need it, on the go. Also Text your coach during the day as an extra feature! This discounted rate includes:

  • - Up to four hours of telephone consultation as needed (a $500.00 value). You decide how many calls you want to make up to 48- 5 minute sessions total per month.

  • - Unlimited e-mail mentoring to enhance sessions (a $479.00 value!).  All e-mails are answered on the same day. Note: E-mail mentoring is not meant to replace regular sessions and have very direct answers. 

  • - *Text, Call or Email your Coach anytime during regular business hours 7 days a week from 8am -6pm (EST) for quick on-the-go support. (*Texts are counted as 5 minutes of coaching.)

- Free recipes, resources and more to help you live a low carb lifestyle available at

UNLIMITED Low-Carb Lifestyle Chef Coaching per Month

Unlimited Coaching

Buy 2-Get 2, 30 DAY UNLIMITED Packages (Phone, Text or Email)PLUS 2 FREE WEEKS(2HRS)!

Buy 2 months of our most popular package, save $50. AND receive 2 weeks FREE! Keep both or give one month as a gift and go Low Carb together with a friend or family member! Either way, you get 2 weeks FREE!

UNLIMITED Low-Carb Lifestyle Chef Coaching – 2 Months PLUS 2 FREE Weeks!

2 Months Unlimited Coaching PLUS 2 extra weeks (2hrs)FREE

E-Mail Coaching/Mentoring Package – Unlimited 5-Day Plan

If you’re more comfortable with retaining and processing written communication and feedback at your own pace, from anywhere while on the go, this is your best option. Note: This format is intended for people who need expert, honest, and objective advice with no frills! All your messages are replied on the same day. Maximum emails per day are limited to 5 with singular questions or needs.Top of Form

Unlimited E-Mail Coaching; 5 days, 14 days and 30 days

Note: If None Of The Above Options Satisfy Your Needs, E-mail George at  to Discuss A Customized Solution To Fit Your Budget.

George Stella and family are not dieticians. Talk to your doctor before changing your eating habits.